The Lifestyle Which Flows And Frees

There are many different kinds of people in this world. There are those who love their homes. They have lived in the same house their entire life and loved it. Then there are people who can’t stay at one place for more than a certain period of time. They are the wanderers, the lost ones who drift from place to place in search of peace. Then there are the ones who want to just adventure. They search for the oddest, most exciting things to do and then they do it. This could be pyramid jumping Egypt or liveaboard diving australia. They just want to break perceptions and test their limits.

There is a new breed of such people coming up. They have grown in the last couple of decades. They believe that human beings have taken up enough space on land. This could be for a variety of reasons. The one which is the most obvious is that housing costs have just risen in the past twenty years. Buying and maintaining a house takes up the majority of a person’s income nowadays. Add to this the maintenance costs, house taxes, regular repairs and the odd improvements around the house; this eats up a person’s life not just his money.

The other reasons could be that they want to try a different style of living, they can’t take too much pollution or that they just love the sea. This is the liveaboard life style. It started with some divers in Australia wanting to spend more time diving, leading to the first liveaboard diving Australia.The concept grew slowly.

Liveaboard generally consists of a small family or a handful of people living off a yacht or a larger floating device which is generally tied up at some or the other dock around the world. They might have normal lives and even jobs in the city, but when it comes to calling a place home, their boat is their place.

Contrary to popular belief, the cost of living in this type of lifestyle is actually higher than the normal cost of living. This is because usually it includes living in a floating device which is costly and secondly because this floatation device needs fuel on a regular basis. Also, the people should be in sync with the sea (i.e. they shouldn’t get seasick).

Most people who adopt this lifestyle usually take up some trade pertaining to the sea. This includes fishing, freight transport and in rare cases exploration. Also, in liveaboard diving Australia leads in the number of people adopting this lifestyle. In the waters of the kookaburra a lot of people live on a boat having the capacity of 10 to 30 people. They usually take divers on board who want to go diving in the sea at places not accessible within a day and work like an overnight motel.

This might not pay well if the captain of the boat doesn’t have enough experience as the sea has a fickle nature. Sea changes on a whim and can cause trouble to the people who live such lifestyle.

Fun Activities That Seniors Can Enjoy in Tasmania

With its rich heritage, high-quality food and beverages, and gorgeous landscapes, it has become a travelers paradise for both the locals and foreigners. Located in an island state at the south of Australia, Tasmania is a beautiful state filled with gorgeous tourist attractions that anyone can enjoy, even seniors. Offering the best of nature, seniors can take the time to stroll around the gardens and parks that Tasmania offers. To take seniors on a fun trip around Tasmania, Bus Charters Tasmania provides bus tours Tasmania seniors can enjoy. To find Australian bus tours Tasmania seniors will need, visit for upcoming schedules.

bus tours Tasmania seniors

Here is a list of places seniors can visit while in Tasmania:

1. Enjoy the Lovely View of Cataract Gorge

For seniors who love art, culture and museums, they will enjoy their stay at the beautiful and warm-hearted city of Launceston. Located in Launceston is Cataract Gorge, a lovely picturesque place filled with picnic spots, cafes and restaurants. Seniors can hop on the Gorge Scenic Chairlift where the view of West Launceston to the Cliff Grounds can be seen from above. The seats are designed with a safety bar, ensuring 100% safety for all passengers. Inquire bus tours Tasmania seniors can take on how to get to Launceston.

2. Valleybrook Wine on Wheels Tours at Tamar Valley

For travelers who are fans of food and wine, Tamar Valley provides the greatest gastronomical journey for all seniors out there. When in Tamar Valley, take the time to visit Valleybrook where they will offer a wine tour within Launceston and Tamar Valley. Here seniors can get to experience the finest wine in Tasmania and explore the vines and cellars at every turn. Be on the lookout for bus tours Tasmania seniors in Australia will enjoy to get them to Tamar Valley.

3. Take Pictures at Bridestowe Lavender Farm

Experience nature at its best with over 260 acres of blooming lavender stretched out before their very eyes. For the seniors who love taking beautiful pictures, Bridestowe Lavender Farm is a place to bring cameras and great company. Here seniors can enjoy the fresh air, sight of purple flowers and buy some lavender souvenirs from the shop such as soaps, oil and the notorious purple teddy bear Bobbie which their grandchildren can enjoy. Be on the lookout for bus tours Tasmania seniors can use to get to the lavender farm.

4. Enjoy Some Golfing at the Barnbougle Dunes

For seniors who love unwinding with a good game of golf, Barnbougle Dunes is what will make their holiday in Tasmania unforgettable. Barnbougle Dunes is named as one of the top golf courses in Australia. All kinds of golfers are welcome to take on the fun of Barnbougle Dunes whether they are beginners, enthusiasts or the regular social golfer. While golfing, seniors can take a moment to enjoy the gorgeous view the sea and dunes at every course stop. Take a break and enjoy the delicious servings of food and wine that will make your stay more memorable. Take note of any Australia bus tours Tasmania seniors can follow to take them to Barnbougle Dunes. Learn more at