Make Your Dream Wedding Happen by Doing These Steps!

The most important day in your life is here, and now you need to prepare for it by looking for the best wedding venues Melbourne has for unforgettable memories. There is a lot of things you need to remember in order to plan out this special day, and it helps if you research different kinds of themes and decoration you can focus on. With a lot of things to bear in mind, it pays to have an organised planning guide for the busy couple. Here are easy ways to stay on track with the demands of the wedding: best wedding venues melbourne Make a wedding folder. Here, you can list down everything you need to have and even the wedding gown design to simply organise your thoughts. Plan out the theme, food, and number of guests to organise the pros and cons for every decision you make. Try checking out Yarra Valley function venues for inspiration by visiting Create a budget. Before you blow out your cash on the best wedding gown design, you should keep in mind the budget you created for the entire wedding to keep your expenses on check. You can research wedding reception packages Melbourne offers and cheap wedding function venues to save a couple of bucks for your honeymoon. Besides, a great wedding is remembered through fun activities, good music, and delicious food, and it can be achieved through cheap means. Click here SkyHigh Mount Dandenong Check your guests. It is important that you have already decided on how many people you want to invite on your wedding party, and how intimate or grandeur your party could be. Check out the best wedding venues Melbourne has for the appropriate size for your guests and reception for a smooth programme. It could also help since some people might not be comfortable meeting other guests in the wedding, so a detailed guest list is needed. Hire a planner. You’re not Wonderwoman, you need to juggle your career, family, and other social activities in your life, that planning a wedding can’t be done the entire time. You need a professional wedding planner who could help you decide on decors, best wedding venues Melbourne has, food, and themes, so you would be able to capture your dream wedding. Your wedding planner might be able to show you what you could’ve possibly missed out by planning by yourself. Pick a date. Choosing the date is one of the significant steps in the entire planning; it could be as random as you like or significant for you both. What is important is that you will be able to achieve the needed preparations on time. Choosing the perfect time is also needed, since you need to consider the weather and the appropriate venue for your reception. Research media professionals and decors. Looking for the best wedding band, photographers, videographers, and florists is as vital as the date itself. Making the wedding memorable depends on them; if they didn’t do a great job, it will surely affect you in years to come. Choose the best company that could give you the dream wedding you want and make sure you check their portfolios and experiences before closing the deal! See more at

Reasons to hire professional catering services for an event

Providing a good meal to the guests whom you have invited to attend a major event of your life is an obvious thing. And to ensure that you are doing your best to provide great food, you should avail services of the most reputed and reliable Yarra Valley catering companies. Right from deciding the right menu for the guests to cooking and serving them in the most professional and elegant manner, there is hardly any match to the support that you will get from a professional catering company.

yarra valley catering

Get help in menu selection

The best benefit that you can enjoy by hiring a reputed and reliable Yarra Valley catering company is that they would help you select the right spread of the menu which will suit the taste buds of your guests. Whether it is a cold buffet, hot buffet or drinks menu, they would help you chart out the most delicious food items on the menu that will make your guests remember the event for the rest of their lives.

The firm which offers services of gourmet catering Melbourne wide would be able to help you make your choice. For instance, they will help you choose between prawn cocktail and chicken potsticker with scallion soy dipping sauce for starters. Again, they would be able to tell as to whether succulent roast beef will be good for the main course or tender chicken fillet breast with choice of sauce would suit the taste buds of your guests. Some other menu options that your catering company may offer you would include Thai green chicken curry, slow braised Moroccan lamb, chargrilled beef with choice of sauce, pork delicacy cooked the Asian way and many more.

Best presentation and guest services

It is not only the spread of the food or the quality and taste of it, but how it is being served also matters a lot in achieving commendable guest experience. This is where a professional Yarra Valley catering company would beat a DIY catering effort, as these people have the professional knowledge to ensure that each of your guests is supplied with everything that they would need during the meal. Table services, drink refills, responding to the questions that could come from the guests regarding the food etc. are some of the basic professional services that you can expect from your catering company.

Presentation matters a lot and this is where any professional caterer would come out with flying colors. Right from decorating the whole dining venue to ensuring that the finest cutlery and display cookware is being used to serve the food, everything would be taken care of well by the caterer. It would also be their endeavor to ensure that proper lighting and heating systems are being deployed for the food to look sumptuous and taste fresh. They would also ensure that the drinks are available in a separate part of the room and there are adequate number of bartenders to attend to your liquor loving guests seamlessly.

Before you hire them

While hiring the firm which offers services of event catering Melbournewide, you may want to ask for a tasting session where you would taste some of their signature items. This way you would get the confidence that you are letting the best guys serve your guests at the most important event of your life. You may want to have a quick meeting with the master chef as well to understand what would be his opinion on the fitment of the type of menu that you are thinking or you are being suggested by the sales guys of the company that provides food catering in Melbourne or whichever place you live in. For more details, just visit